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Referral Program

We are currently in the process of constructing a service referral network. When a customer books or makes an appointment for service or repairs on our web site their request for service will be passed on to a service centre for the appropriate repairs or service.

We also receive a number of enquiries regarding the sale of spare parts, some of which we do not supply. On these occassions we would prefer to pass these potential sales to an agent, distributor or supplier.

These referrals that we provide, understandably would be at a cost to the repairer/sales outlet and being delivered in the form of an email. Unlike most other means to gain custom, such as advertising, it will be charged per service referral (i.e. per sale, service call or job referral). As you would be aware other systems that you may use to gain custom, like warranty agencies, require you to offer your services at a reduced or flat rate. With this in mind our system is very attractive compared to others used due to the simplicity of our charges per unit referral and under no circumstances would we expect to interfere with your existing pricing structure or business.

We invite you to give us your opinion of what you think is a fair amount for us to charge you per service/repair or sale referral. The service/repair referral fee will be charged per service call, repair or job. Understandably we would expect to charge a smaller fee for sales referrals due to the lack of guarantee of a sale in comparison to a service referral. We have therefore provided two fields in the form below: one for service referrer fees and the other for sales referrer fees. Please fill in these fields below with the amount that you consider to be fair by typing in dollars and cents separated by a decimal point.

With regard to privacy and your email address, you will not be contacted by a third party or put on a monthly mailing list or alike and we will only contact you regarding this referral program. Please see our privacy web page for further information. Rest assured there is no obligation to become a service provider by filling in the form below.

If you are interested in providing either of these repairs or sales services and would like to be given further information regarding our referral services please fill out the form below to show your expression of interest.

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Service fee
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